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Ariel 61st

Another year in film, another Ariel Awards. In 1946 the Mexican film industry was having a splendorous moment producing more and more flicks each year and the cinematographic infrastructure, technology and art needs were growing continuously. It was then that the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences (AMACC) was born. The AMACC wanted to recognize publicly the best of each year’s Mexican film productions and they decided to do so through a very special prize: the Ariel. This statuette symbolizes the ideals, unity and the defense of the diverse and profound culture of Latin America. It is the highest distinction awarded to the best Mexican film productions in the artistic, technical and scientific order.

The Academy is integrated by film creators who are carefully selected due to their work and cinematographic trajectory. In the present days they have set out as a fundamental purpose to recover and reassess the object for which this award was created: “To promote the dissemination, research, preservation, development and defense of the arts and cinematographic sciences”.